Saturday, September 6, 2008

refrigerator art + postcards

{you can click the photos to view them large}

After a two month hiatus, I've been eager to post up some of the stuff I've been working on. This was a quick project a did couple months ago for some long-time friends of mine. Katie, Kaylee, and Laura spent their summer overseas doing mission work and wanted a postcard to send to their supporters. You can check out their stories and photos Katie and Kaylee's blogs.

I wish I could say I drew that cat on the fridge, but it was magnificently illustrated by one Jonathan Hanks.


Klee said...

i thought to myself.. i will check out sara's blog though i doubt she has updated and BAM an update! haha

aww i can't believe now Jonathan is an artist. your family is so talented. i can't draw at all man i stink hahahah

sara giessen said...

haha. surprise! and it was about you.