Wednesday, February 11, 2009

razorfish work | H&R Block online ads

These are two of the concepts I storyboarded for ads to run on, and Hulu. The first board was executed in After Effects (along with another concept not shown here) by Tim Pethel; sound design by KC Giessen. You can view the finished ads on

Art Director: Jonah Gellert | Copywriter: Martha Dixon
Motion: Tim Pethel | Sound Designer: KC Giessen

Friday, February 6, 2009

LIFT : english camp landing page

This week I did this little page for my Estonian friends at Risttee Church. If you're a teen living in Estonia, you should definitely go! Thanks to Tarmo for coding it! Good luck guys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chanel vs. sylvia

okay, okay it's already ALL over the blog circuits, but i just have to mention the theme of the 2009 Spring-Summer Chanel show. the paper accessories and decor of "monochrome white" bring me back to the ridiculously challenging and frustrating paper project from sylvia's introduction class at the circus.

4800 hours to assemble 7000 handmade, all white, paper sculptures. i think that's insanely cool, and makes me rethink the woes of first quarter. and my living room. get your exact-o knife ready, babe.

Monday, February 2, 2009

january inspiration

each month i make a folder on my portable hard drive where i can drag all the random images that i find throughout the month that inspire me. i started this back when i was planning my wedding and every month the collection grows larger. october had 149 images... january had 733 images. i really love doing it because it allows me to carry around a scrapbook of all the things i saw that month and said, hey, that's kinda cool. it's also interesting to track how my tastes/moods change. above is a peak at a couple of the images from an uncharacteristically feminine january. click the image for a better view.