Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fashion Illustration : Cecilia Carlstedt

I love me some good illustration. I'm definitely not there as an illustrator yet, but maybe in a few years I will be. Until then, I'll just appreciate people like this:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Lomos - Some Favorites From 2007

I discovered this summer after 3 blank rolls of film that my Lomo had a defective lens. So I didn't have it for about 6 months this year, but we tried to make up for it Oct-Dec.

These are all cross processed, hence the crazy colors. The first 3 are from a daytrip KC & I took in October right after our anniversary. The last 3 are from a post-yoga Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, near Little 5.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them nice & big. Some of the scans are kind of rough, didn't spend enough time cleaning them up, but you get the idea.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

6th Quarter : Deathmatch #4

One week project : Create a high-end chocolatier: name, logo, and packaging

Logo design & chocolate packaging
for Lille Bitte. Lille Bitte, Danish for tiny, creates fun high-end chocolates inspired by the forms & flavors of desserts.

The miniatures featured here are cupcakes. Each “tiny cupcake” contains a chocolate or a white chocolate base and one of 15 flavors. In addition to different sized boxes for the chocolates, the system includes label stickers to be adhered to the inside of the lid when packing.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them bigger.)


I'm not really supposed to be doing wedding stuff until after Pete's/New Years, but I can't stop thinking about it. So instead of checking off things from my to-do list (i.e. wrapping presents, cleaning, freelance work, etc.) I'm gonna post up some stuff.

So.... honeymoon? At this point we're thinking we probably don't want the traditional gorgeous beach exotic honeymoon, though of course we'd take it. We both love exploring new cities and figured we'd try to take the opportunity to visit someplace new. And since Europe is pretty much out of the question, we're looking at some places that are maybe, less honeymoon-ish, and more KC & Sara-ish.

First up : Nantucket
It sounds pretty cool: quiet, historic, bike trails, beaches, lot's of photo ops, and we'd probably want to check out Martha's Vineyard too. PLUS it'll probably be October, so prices are pretty good.

If anyone has any recommendations, or horror stories, please dish.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Engagement Video

The story:

So it's my birthday, but I'm throwing KC a surprise party with a bunch of our friends & family. When we arrive, he thinks my family is trying to set him up to propose to me (after much pressure for many weeks). Once he realizes the party is for him, he reads the poster on the back of the door (you can see it below); the last line says "and that's why everyone chipped in to buy you a drumset." (And they did, it was amazing. 22 awesome people.) That's why he starts crying and hugs me.
While hugging me, I guess he decided that he couldn't think of a better time to propose. He happened to have the ring in his pocket to show my brother's fiance, Gloria, that night. He wasn't planning on proposing until January.

Anyway, it was an incredible night. The ring is gorgeous & I have the coolest fiance ever. We're super excited. We love you all!

6th Quarter : Deathmatch #5

Three week (sort of) project : Create a DVD cover for a real client.

DVD cover & insert
for Yoga Dose, a yoga dvd featuring 2 rockin' yogis (Lara & Nicole).

This project was fun because we got to be there for the photoshoot, and work with a real client. & KC & I took Lara's class at Yoga Samadhi - it was really fantastic & Nicole is amazing. We didn't go to Nicole's class over at Decatur Yoga, but she was super cool too. Mine was in the top two, but they ultimately went with Jackie's. But I won the judges over, so Jackie & I scored a win for this one. But she's the real winner, ha.

They really like photography juxtaposed with illustration, so I combined photos from the shoot, purple & orange flowers, anatomical illustrations, and graphic swirly-things.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them bigger.)

Cover detail:

Insert front & back:

6th Quarter : Deathmatch #6

One week project : Repackage a dollar store item (mine was girls' socks) to be sold in a high-end boutique.

Sock packaging
for Underpinnings, manufacturer of socks, underwear, undershirts, etc. made of organic & sustainable cotton. Outdoorsy, yet fresh & feminine.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them bigger.)

The judges & panel were pretty stoked on it & suggested that I blow out the packaging (underwear, undershirts, bedding, towels, etc.) & the identity.

6th Quarter : Digital 2

Web elements for fabric8, a subset of Singer. Sewing machine & accessories geared towards preteens-teens. 2 quarters ago I metal-ized the machine & packaged it in a punk-rock theme.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them bigger.)

Homepage for
User page for fabric8

Microsite for a fabric8 design challenge with Ms. Betsey Johnson.