Monday, September 15, 2008

anthropologie's "adorn"

if you know me, clearly anthropologie is one of my influences. i don't know a designer that doesn't love the the catalogs, merchandise and in-store experiences. their site is pretty, but the content, not the bones is what really makes it pop.
so when i saw this post on oh joy! today, i got really excited. and for good reason: 5 new sections devoted to accessories. each has a completely different look, navigation, layout. but they are all super cool.

i love that their team branched out to try something new. to experiment with fun stuff. design that really gets the user to interact with the merchandise.

{above: video of the model wearing each featured piece}

{above: zoom in to examine each piece as carefully as you could want}

{above: dance steps animate through the shoe slides}

{above: slide horizontally through an illustrated world built around the features}

{above: accessories interact with the mouse as you hover over/near them}

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maryhanks said...

YOU could be their web genius!