Monday, January 21, 2008

Wedding Inspiration : Mélangerie Inc.

I haven't been super impressed by or excited about the majority of the wedding invitations I've seen- so many of them are really beautiful, but they just don't feel right for us. And the ones I do like I'm struggling to take inspiration from because of how far out of our budget they are.

But I came across these this morning from Mélangerie Inc.:

Here's what the ladies of Mélangerie had to say about it:

Julie & Jake’s Wedding

Julie and Jake met through a series of fortuitous events, which inspired us to base their wedding event identity on the concept of time. Their New Year’s Eve nuptials are announced through this accordion folded invitation. Illustrious clocks and pertinent information are silk-screened onto deep chocolate cover stock.

Also featured here is a gift for Jake & Julie’s guests: a mix CD of the bride and groom’s favorite songs related to time. Other event details we have designed for Jake & Julie’s wedding include: New Year’s Resolution Cards that guests will fill out and have mailed back to them one year from the wedding date, as well as customized welcome gifts for guests’ hotel rooms.

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corbyn said...

i love them!!!