Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Inspiration : J. Crew Dresses

How cute is this for a 4-year-old bridesmaid? Of course, these decisions depend on a lot of other things that need to come first, but I came across this today & couldn't resist. Yum. I'll take one for me too.

It's no secret that I have a thing for J. Crew... love these (and the yellow color):

& I'm not opposed to using pattern, if not in the dress, then in the accessories:
I'm sure our mothers would die, but how rad would it be to have a floral printed bridesmaid dress?

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DeAnna said...

Hey Sara, I like the print .. and I am a Mom. Wanted to let you know that for my wedding, I picked a print fabric. The bridesmaids chose a dress style that they liked and that looked flattering on them. We then had the individual dresses made for them. It was cheaper than buying new .. and they all didn't have to try and look great in the same style. The objective; for the bridesmaids to be able to keep a dress that they may want to wear again.
Mission accomplished