Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My baby's home!

er..... my computer that is.

This makes me WAY happier than it should. But I've been without my laptop all year and yesterday this message appeared on the site:
And much dancing and joy entailed.

Honestly, Apple really let me down on this one. I had 2 really bad experiences with the geniuses, and said so in my response to their follow-up e-mail. So trip number 3 (for the same problem) I had a great genius and their manager came out and talked to me. But THEN I had to send my laptop off to Austin.... and after no change in the status for two weeks called the support line; the person said "oh it's been sitting waiting on a part. i'll put out a worldwide alert for this part. you should see a change on monday." Okay. So, if I hadn't called, would the part have come? Don't think so. But, never mind that, I was super excited that it came home today. Except... open box.... move packing material..... reveal my shiny MacBook Pro........ with a big scratch right on top. Nice job, Apple. Thanks a lot.

However, this may be even more ridiculous:
That's right, friends. 247 e-mails in 17 days.

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