Thursday, May 28, 2009

cole-gibadlo wedding invitations

cole-gibadlo wedding invitations

i created these invitations for my bff's wedding in july. steph and her hubbie-to-be call each other "bug". so naturally their wedding invites feature (custom) illustrations of a grasshopper (him) and a lightning bug (her). they're getting married out on her parent's property at night under the stars. it's going to be ah-mazing and i'm so glad i get to be a part of it.

cole-gibadlo wedding invitations - response card


dani b. said...

hi! i am working on an invite right now and she wants navy and silver as well! what paper stock did you select? did you print 1 color metallic silver? or foil stamp? sorry for so many questions, they look beautiful!

sara hanks giessen said...

hi dani!

i used Paper Source "Night" and had it printed at Paper Affair as 1 color metallic silver. We were going to use thermography, but they couldn't do the raised effect on dark paper without smudging. I think it still turned out nicely though.

you might also look at Envelopments "Navy Linen" too - it has a bit more feel to it. we opted for the cheaper option at Paper Source, but i've seen this in person too and it's really lovely.

dani b. said...

thanks so much for the response! we are getting the specs together now so we will check it out :) thanks again!!

Daniel said...

I just randomly came across your site, but had to say you do some really nice work.