Sunday, January 18, 2009

thank you cards

Thank You Cards
I used some black and whites portraits from the wedding and printed the design in fun bright colors. They don't match the rest of the style I used for wedding stuff, except in the colors of the cards & envelopes.
Thank You Cards

Oh wait. You didn't get yours? It's coming. We're busy. And slow.

Thanks to KC for the photos.


Kimberly Julie said...

another fellow georgia blogger! fun!
and i totally dig your wedding style. for realz.

sara hanks giessen said...

thanks kimberly! your blog is super cute!

Ashley said...

great idea! how did you get the design on the card? i am would love to do something similar for my save the date

sara hanks giessen said...

aw thanks! it was pretty easy. i designed the thank you graphics and applied them to each of the images in photoshop. i printed 4x6 photos at sams (matte finish, not glossy) and inserted the corners into slits that i cut into the front half of the card.

Stephanie said...

These thank you cards are fabulous! I wanted to do something similar because we wanted simple and classic cards to give to our friends and family.
Where can I find the cards with the slits? Are they called something in particular?

p.s. I really enjoy reading your blog : )

sara hanks giessen said...

Thanks Stephanie!

I just used a plain folded card from Sam Flax but it was pretty easy to make them myself:

I placed the open card on my cutting mat and laid a of the photo on top, and used a pencil to place tiny marks where the start & end points of the slits should be.
Then (after moving the photo) I used an X-acto knife against a ruler to cut the slits on the front of the cards.

Hope that helps!