Thursday, October 9, 2008

circus love

to supplement posting, as i'm in progress on multiple projects, i figured i'd post up the work of the two designers i graduated with at the circus back in may. and since this blog has my name at the top, i'm including shots of my wicked modeling skills that appear in their books, for your entertainment.

right now ashley is in her hometown of sugarland, texas, moments away from the perfect agency snatching her up.

{above: a couple of screenshots from}

& my presence in ashley's book:

jaci is now working in atlanta at the reynolds group, getting married in 2 weeks.

{above: a couple screeshots from}

& 2 of my shots from jaci's photoshoots:


asher said...

OMG your friends are so talented. you must be so jealous of them!

Klee said...

october 9th?
comeon sara

sara giessen said...

AH! I know. I have a bunch of good work coming down the chute and will post soon. ;)