Monday, February 11, 2008

One Show Competition : Organ Donor Poster

Brief : The poster is meant to raise awareness, create interest, or serve as call to action. Use the elements of graphic design to achieve this.

Interactive bus shelter posters invite commuters to paint-by-numbers
with their gum instead of wastefully throwing the gum away. This
encourages commuters to give meaning to their wait by donating gum to
the poster and becoming an organ donor.

I worked with Liz Cartwright & Mike Egan (both writers) on this project.

(Click the pictures if you want to see them bigger.)

Liz, Mike, KC, & I spent 4 hours on Sunday assembling the poster:

Yep. It's real gum. & it's gross, but kind of awesome.


Corbyn said...

That is so awesome!! I want to wait for a bus, just so i can try it out!! And if I wasn't already an organ donor, this would so change my mind!!

Anonymous said...

sara hanks, you are a cool girl.
i love this website.
very you.


joalbright said...

I had the biggest urge to go chew a piece of gum and slap it on the poster Wednesday night during class. Don't worry I didn't.

High Desert Diva said...

I find this grossly fascinating!